Taxis and buses will be provided with an additional lane on Calle Colón in Valencia

ciudades inclusivasThe EMT, the Municipal Transport Company of the Valencia City Council that regulates mobility through the city, has approved a new ordination that will come into force on March 23, 2020.

The ordination foresee the creation of two bus and taxi lanes on Colón Street, leaving the remaining lane for transportation in private vehicles.

A good measure for people with reduced mobility

From SU TAXI Valencia we value this initiative positively, since we understand that it has undoubted environmental advantages and it can also greatly benefit groups with displacement difficulties, which will see their mobility improved by removing obstacles to the circulation of public service vehicles, especially to means of transport such as the eurotaxi, which is a wheelchair taxi, adapted for inclusive mobility.

A taxi service in Valencia designed for people with reduced mobility

We are the reference taxi service in Valencia for people with reduced mobility, since we make it easier for them to move quickly, safely and comfortably in an adapted taxi or Eurotaxi, which has the capacity to accommodate up to five passengers and a wheelchair. In addition, we offer all the good work of a great team of drivers, experienced professionals who will do their best to let you travel in total comfort.


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Protect the safety of your kids

ciudades inclusivas

At SU TAXI Valencia we give the utmost importance to the safety of the passengers we transport, paying special attention to those who, due to their young age, may be more vulnerable.

For this reason, we offer our clients the possibility of making their journey in a taxi with a child seat, also offering them an adapted taxi model that can simultaneously incorporate up to three restraint systems for as many small ones. Also, we will give an excellent response to your needs in case you want to travel with a taxi with a baby seat.

Taxi service in Valencia tailored for people with reduced mobility

Likewise, apart from being the ideal solution for those traveling with children, we also distinguish ourselves by being the benchmark taxi service in Valencia for people with reduced mobility, by facilitating them to move safely, comfortably and quickly in a adapted taxi or eurotaxi, with the capacity to transport up to five passengers and a wheelchair.

SU TAXI Valencia Phone Number: (0034) 633 384 492

Valencia is committed to promoting inclusive and barrier-free tourism

ciudades inclusivas

On the recent event for people with functional diversity, organized by the Unesco Center of Valencia, the Councilor for Social Services of the Valencian council, Isabel Lozano, defended the need for accessible tourism for all. To achieve this goal, she advocated eliminating any barrier, not only physical, but also sensory and especially mental, in an effort that should involve everyone, but particularly those who have competencies to create a model to the inclusive city to which we aspire.

The important role of the adapted taxi or eurotaxi

SU TAXI Valencia fully agrees with any initiative that encourages the removal of barriers, understanding that at least in the sector that concerns us, that of public transport, there is still a long way to go. Likewise, we consider that the different administrations involved should make a more determined commitment to promote travel by adapted taxi or eurotaxi, since it is a wheelchair taxi that is ideal for people with reduced mobility.

Taxi service in Valencia focused on people with reduced mobility (PRM)

In addition, our company offers a taxi service in Valencia that gives a full response to everything required by people with reduced mobility (PRM), giving them the possibility of traveling in an adapted taxi or an eurotaxi in a comfortable and secure way, being able to transport up to five passengers and a wheelchair. Likewise, our professionals provide close and friendly attention, always willing to help with whatever is necessary, as can be confirmed by the many users who have had the opportunity to use it.

Phone number SU TAXI Valencia: 633 384 492

The comfort of ordering a taxi in the summer

ciudades inclusivasIn the summer period the heat is very strong, making our day to day life very difficult. In consequence, things that during the rest of the year pose no problems, such as getting around the city, can become a real ordeal, in the middle of summer. To avoid it, it is advisable to do our best to keep clear of the sun and travel in a vehicle such as the taxi, which helps us avoid the rigors of high temperatures on the way to a subway stop or waiting for the bus.

Getting around by taxi in Valencia during the summer is a highly recommended option

That way, not only risks such as the dreaded heat stroke are removed, but also the burden and discomfort of walking or waiting in the street when the sun is at it´s peak. You can choose to travel comfortably in a vehicle equipped with air conditioning and driven by a professional. In addition, resorting to the taxi service in Valencia to travel with family and friends does not have to be less economical than other alternatives. Our website offers the possibility of knowing in advance the cost of a trip by using the price calculator.

The most comfortable means of transport for people with reduced mobility (PRM)

If usually the best means of transport for people with reduced mobility PRM is an Eurotaxi or an adapted taxi, like the one that SU TAXI Valencia puts at your disposal, when the heat presses, traveling in this type of vehicle becomes even more necessary, since for those that have problems to move, the heat is a much heavier concern than for the rest. Providing them with something so basic like beeing able to count on their journeys on an eurotaxi or an adapted taxi like ours, which is perfectly conditioned to transport a wheelchair and equipped with state-of-the-art air conditioning is to provide maximum thermal comfort.

Phone number SU TAXI Valencia: 633 384 492

ONCE Foundation demands a design of more inclusive cities

ciudades inclusivas

José Luis Borau, head of the Department of Accessibility to the Physical Environment of the ONCE Foundation, stressed in his speech at the International Conference on the Future of Accessibility, held recently in Israel, that the cities of the future can´t remain simple 'smart cities', they must fully meet the needs of people with disabilities, becoming inclusive, 'smart human cities' tailored to the needs of all its inhabitants, including those who, for example, have displacement difficulties. An effort that belongs to all, but particularly to the administrations, and that it is essential if one takes into account that, as Borau pointed out, there are currently more than 1,000 million people with reduced mobility (PRM) in the world, also estimating that by 2050 more than 70% of the world's population will live in cities.

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