Taxi liberalization and the Bolkestein directive

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The underground liberalization that the urban transport industry has undergone in recent years caused the awakening of million-dollar lawsuits by several law firms. Said lawsuits were born thanks to the non-compliance with the rules established in the Bolkestein directive, set forth in 2016. Said directive clearly rules out the liberalization of cabs, along with the different means of urban transport.

In fact, points such as 21 and 60 of the Bolkestein directive explicitly state that the taxi cannot be part of any kind of liberalization.

Absent protection

The discreet but increasing liberalization of the sector by the government, by including vehicles for hire as authorized transports, puts the sector under great threat, leaving the taxi at a huge competitive disadvantage that puts cabs at risk of disappearing.

It should be noted that point 21 of the Bolkestein directive states that cab drivers provide a public service that is of general interest. This explains why there are various regulations on this matter, even in a free market economy.

On the other hand, point 60 highlights that another of the reasons why high compensation to cab drivers is being considered is the Ábalos decree. This decree requires that vehicles for hire can only perform intercity services from October 2022. However, the compensation is still a constant martyrdom for each cab driver who suffers the degradation of their work and income. It is an industry that feels let down by cars in circulation that, according to the Bolkestein directive, should not be able to provide service.

Our view from SU TAXI Valencia

SU TAXI Valencia team, as well as many other cab companies, do not want to have total control of the market. Rather, what we want is to demand that all jobs are regulated and operate legally.
We must not forget that behind every job there are individuals giving their commitment, dedication and time. All of this needs to be taken seriously in consideration.

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