The transformation of the Avenue of the Port and its new promenade

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The new Avenue of the Port of Valencia will cease to be just a highway and will be transformed into an attractive green boulevard. It will have different areas with gardens and many trees to promote ecology. In addition, pedestrians will have more space allowing them to circulate in total comfort. At the same time, the bus and cab lane will offer better safety. In addition, a spacious bi-directional bicycle lane will form part of the roadway.

Better access to the sea

The City Council wants the Avenue of the Port to become the most valuable access to the sea. At the same time, it definitively rules out the controversial extension of the Blasco Ibañez avenue.

On the other hand, there will no longer be 5 traffic lanes but 3 instead. This will eliminate 2 of the 4 lanes that were intended for private vehicles. In short, there will be two lanes for private vehicles and one for cabs and buses. As a result, the space for cars will be reduced by almost 30% and one of the parking areas will be removed.

Benefits for nearby homes

The Avenue of the Port currently has ficus and orange trees, which are growing rapidly. For this reason, they frequently obstruct visibility from the balconies and windows of neighboring residences. In addition, their annual pruning requires an enormous investment.

Positive changes for people with reduced mobility

SU TAXI Valencia greatly appreciates this new transformation of the avenue. Undoubtedly, this is a project that will favor ecology and the environment.

It will also be a great benefit for the entire bus and cab sector that will be able to have better mobility. From our end, we will be able to move more comfortably to offer a better service to our customers. Especially for people with reduced mobility.

Eurotaxi: a wheelchair friendly cab

In SU TAXI Valencia, we specialize in providing a service oriented to people with reduced mobility. Our adapted cabs offer comfort, speed and safety. Likewise, they can transport up to 8 passengers and a wheelchair.

Thanks to our professional team, you will be able to enjoy your trip and have a wonderful experience with our service.

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