Visit the Municipal Falla with the free App of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

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For the second consecutive year, Valencians have to give up celebrating Las Fallas, their most emblematic festival, ruined by the critical health situation we are experiencing.

To keep the Fallas spirit alive, in this month of March very different from the usual, Valencians will be able to enjoy a virtual experience that will evoke the plantá of the Municipal Falla of Valencia. The Universitat Poliècnica de València has developed, for this purpose, the application Dulk Falla 2021, which allows the visualization of the monument created by the Valencian artists Dulk and Alejandro Santaeulalia.

A new way to experience Las Fallas

Thanks to the application it is possible to visit the fallas and know all the virtual events of the year 2021. You will get an experience based on gamification, i.e. interaction through interactive game that gives the possibility, among other fun, to throw virtual firecrackers, take selfies and share them with friends. All advantages offered by virtual reality.

The application can be downloaded from any mobile device. The municipal Falla that has been created virtually in this application has a clear message for this 2021: respect for the environment, in the words of the Valencian artists "Protegeix allò que estimes". The mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó has encouraged the Valencian community to download the application and make use of it, highlighting how climate change is still a matter of interest for every individual being. At the same time, he invited citizens to play an important role in persevering species and helping the health of the planet, since its deterioration is our responsibility.

When the health circumstances allow it, the community of Valencia will be able to enjoy many more Fallas, but, for now, the mayor has urged citizens to try to carry out activities compatible and adapted to the pandemic.

Visit the most emblematic places of the city of Valencia with our Eurotaxi

Leisure activities have been limited due to the global health issue. In this context, the cab has been the preferred means of transport for many people who wanted to travel safely from their homes to health centers in order to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Aware of the precautions imposed by the current health situation, SU TAXI Valencia looks to the future with hope. Undoubtedly, we believe that it is still possible to enjoy the most emblematic places in Valencia, always paying attention to all the safety measures provided by the authorities, which in our company we follow scrupulously.

From SU TAXI Valencia we continue to offer our adapted cab service in Valencia, especially aimed at the displacement of people with reduced mobility, so they can enjoy the wonders that our city has to offer: the old town, the City of Sciences, the beach... distinctive places that can be enjoyed outdoors. From SU TAXI Valencia we are happy to accompany you.


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